Your Resume is Not Just a Document, it’s a Way to Get Recruiter’s Attention!
April 9, 2020

When Rahul applied for a position in a leading Bangalore-based digital marketing agency, he was confident that he has the potential to get through the recruitment process. Largely a self-taught individual, the 26-year-old executive was skeptical whether the recruiters would be able to recognize his skills as he didn’t have any required certification in the relevant field. A graduate in commerce from a college in Chandigarh, he was lucky enough to get a job in a digital marketing startup in Pune immediately after he finished his higher studies but is struggling to take his career forward.

Considering Rahul’s skepticism, counselors at ATL Foundation believe that certification and skills cannot be seen in separation, but in relation. We believe that certification is the first step towards setting up a background for mastering a skill in a specified area. A certification from a renowned e-learning platform such as ATL Foundation certification in Internet Reputation & Marketing (IRM) course is what Rahul should opt for. Certifications such as the IMR are not merely the ones for improving your resume, but also for increasing your employability quotient by enhancing your credentials.

At a time when digitization and automation are bringing disruptions in almost every business across the world—learning, re-learning, and unlearning becomes a base every time you plan to up-skill. Online certifications such as the ones we offer are designed in a way that they can help the employees of different age groups enhance their professional skills. Soon after completing the ATL Foundation certification program, you will be confident for the specific workforce role you were looking for.

Today, certifications have found their way into almost every industry across different spectrums, and there are several reasons for it. Certifications don’t only help the employees but the employers as well. Through these certifications, employers can evaluate the candidates on several parameters, such as analyzing a candidate’s job performance and credibility of his credentials. Several studies claim that most of the employers, irrespective of the geographic location, are more likely to invest in you only if you hold credible certification and possess relevant knowledge.

Rahul finally got certified with our IMR certification program and was able to crack his interview for a position he was precariously looking for. Be like Rahul and choose from a wide range of certifications available to boost your career.

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