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February 24, 2020
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June 22, 2020

Recruiters usually take only a few seconds to scan a resume. If they find it as per the requirements of the job opening, then only they will continue to read it further. However, if your resume doesn’t deem fit to the recruiter, you might end up not even getting an interview call for the job position you are aiming for.

We believe that resume is not just a document but a way to get attention of the job recruiter and hence, the key to your success. Hence, writing a resume should be taken as an art which will pave the way for your dreams. Here are a few points that you must include while you write your resume:

  • Our experts believe that most of the people end up mentioning what have they done in their previous jobs but not how they have done it. You must mention the facts that make you stand apart from all other candidates who want that job.
  • Most often candidates list their skills somewhere in between the resume which recruiters find difficult when they quick scan them. Hence, always put the list of skills that you have at the top of your resume, even before your job history.
  • Mention only what is required. Listing out few important things in your resume is often more than required. It has been commonly observed that people pile up their resumes with every job and every skill they have mastered.
  • Keeping the margins wider and font bigger will work. This will make your resume look appealing and the recruiter will not have a hard time to go through it hurriedly.

Resume is not just a document, its your first impression on the employer. Following the four pointers mentioned above, you are sure to create a resume that attracts the attention of the recruiter.

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