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June 22, 2020
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The world has already entered the fourth revolution led by Artificial Intelligence. Rapid digitisation has already disrupted almost every industry today across the world and recruitment is no exception. Today, recruitment firms irrespective of their size and nature are increasingly employing technology to enhance the hiring process. Consequently, the use of technology has made the whole process candidate-centric to attract the best talent.

If we talk about our own firm, we have been employing technologies that are helping us in meeting expectation of both the companies and the candidates. While companies on the one hand, prefer the candidates who meet their expectations the best, candidates on the other hand, want a quick and hassle-free process. Keeping in mind the requirements, we have been using the digital assets to the best for ensuring a seamless and transparent recruitment process.

In most of the cases, the first interview round is conducted through mobile or video conferencing which helps in eliminating any chances of delays. Further, we have been using the most advance application tracking system software that helps us in the electronic handling of recruitments. Through its data-driven analysis, the software helps us in the quick shortlisting of suitable candidates through analysing their social media profiles which they have shared with us (for instance LinkedIn).

What can candidates learn from this?

The primary reason why recruiters are increasingly employing technology at work is because of mobile and tech-savvy candidates. Here, candidates must understand that to shorten the screening time, the recruiters and companies are scanning their social media accounts to understand them better. This not only gives them a chance in better understanding the true potential of the candidate in deep but also analysing what they can expect once the person is on board. Hence, it is always advisable to optimise your social media accounts that you are going to share with the recruiters.

The bottom line

The symbiont relationship that recruiters and applicants form have gone more technical in the last decade. These technical advances have benefited the recruiters as well as the potential employees by making the whole process more efficient and transparent. Hence, we suggest, the sooner you go tech-savvy the better it is!

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